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Scopex Facility Management System

Scopex Facility management software is an advanced solution designed to help businesses manage and maintain their facility. The cloud-based advanced technology powered by IoT, AI, and ML can monitor, track and manage property, Assets, service orders, and service providers efficiently and effectively. It caters to all your FMS business-specific needs.

Leverage Best Facility Management Solutions and Stay Stress-free

• Maintenance management
• Scheduled and preventive maintenance tracking
• Asset and equipment tracking and maintenance
• Facility Inventory management
• Work order management
• Space management
• Vendor management
• Reports and analytics

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Custom Facility Management Software Solutions

Asset tracking

Handle all your facility operations in one interface. Scopex FMS gives a clear overview of all assets and their condition in real-time.

Inventory Management

Scopex allows users to have complete control over Inventory Management. It triggers alerts whenever inventory gets low.

Building Spec Management

Space Planning, Room Scheduling, Facility Scheduling, Space Utilization Dashboards, GPS Interface, Interactive Floor Plan, Site Management, Automated Meter Reading.

Personal Management

Scopex allows busy facility managers to balance their tasks involved in day-to-day operations effortlessly. Scopex allows synchronization of contact information across the platforms. You can keep employee details up-to-date and notify them of upcoming events effortlessly.

Work Order Management

Facility managers can easily tackle and regularize multiple work orders. Queue the WO request by gauging the emergency and queueing them for the service providers, & record data for future reference. Automate & manage routine maintenance and technician dispatch.

Facility Management Analytics

Simplify the data and gain insights into the numbers that facility operations are churning. Get a flexible analytical dashboard to help your business identify problem areas.

Integrate Best Facility Management Tools with any third-party System

Scopex design allows seamless integration with other apps to optimize the workflow. It is a fully integrated system with abundant features to reinforce many aspects of your business. Eliminate the need to jump from one software to another and save time.

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Your business can establish an automated, reliable, safe, and productive environment at a low cost, with less time and effort

Key features of Best Facility Management Software

Facility Scheduler

Scopex ensures the distribution of resources to the right people at the right time. Using Scopex, manage all reservations effortlessly. You can plan and maintain routines ahead of time and avoid downtime.

Notifications & Alerts

Trigger real-time notifications on everything that happens with your facility and handle the repair & maintenance requests effortlessly: Automatic Email Notifications & Alerts and Reminders

Automated Routing

• Handle all your facility operations powered by automation
• It documents the up-to-date maintenance history to keep you up to date.

Why do you need Scopex software for facility management?

 Improve maintenance cost

• No unnecessary wastage
• Accurate check on spends
• Increased uptime

Eliminate downtime

• Erases backlog
• Standardized preventive maintenance scheduling
• Simplification of repairs

 Increase productivity

• Automation of work
• Standardized preventive maintenance
• Improved access to resources
• Increased lifespan of Assets

 Streamlines information

  • Easy to access metrics, reports, real-time work order updates, and asset histories from anywhere at any time.
• Realtime Reporting
• Well-planned and executed schedules

Increase efficiency

• Accurate task delegation and tracking
• Well-managed Audits and SLA compliance.

Mobile-friendly dashboard

• Get an overview of how you used your workspace. 
• Do not waste time getting critical information through pile-up documents. 
• Access the data on any of your mobile devices in a few seconds

Best Facility Management Software Solutions for your Industries

Your Facility management services could entail anything from managing a commercial complex to providing house-keeping services for large offices or maintenance services of a factory, a cinema hall or third party services to hospitals and hotels. With such complex services to different customer requirements, what you need is an easy-to-use, robust ERP solution that allows you to meet the requirements in every way.

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Business & IT Park

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Universities & Schools

Scopex Facility Software Modules

Property management

  • Enables facility manager to track, monitor, and maintain the assets, space, buildings, and equipment.
  • Flexible and streamlined property management solution
  • Define and track the Predictive maintenance schedule
  • End-to-end asset inventory management
  • Generate and manage preventive & breakdown maintenance work orders
  • Schedule Preventive maintenance work orders using the calendar
  • Define and configure scheduled maintenance policies to auto-generate work orders

Asset management

  • Helps to achieve 100% optimization of assets and equipment performance
  • With Scopex, bring flexibility and mobility to your FM team
  • Maintain complete detail of each equipment/asset
  • Track and Validate assets and their movements with bar codes and QR code scan
  • Get complete asset details, work order/service history, etc
  • Maintain asset-specific purchase cost, current value, and depreciation cost
  • Asset lifecycle management

Service provider

  • Track and Manage work order
  • Auto allocation of work orders based on the resource availability
  • Track technicians using Map integration and GPS tracking
  • Raise, assign & resolve problem tickets, service requests, and incidents on the move
  • Track Equipment with cost history, warranty, vendor details, technical documentation & list of spare parts on scanning
  • View upcoming work orders/closing work orders
  • SMS approval for work orders

Employee master

  • Configure, store and manage employee database department-wise with labor rates
  • Create, track and use the employee information when required
  • Display Employee details on the dashboard
  • Various filtering options to access employees quickly
  • Generating real-time reports on the department is effortless
  • Create and manage a job position for an employee
  • Get an effective Employee profile management

Inspection module

  • Conduct inspection and audit of assets and properties
  • Scan and record meter readings
  • Equipment reading capture
  • Monitor resources and enhance sustainability
  • Track and manage AMC/Warranty/Vendor Contracts/Customer Contracts
  • Automate product registration, service plans, warranty claims, and returns
  • Track and manage warranty types, warranty entitlements, contracts, and customers


Mahesh KrishnanCEO at HILO Enterprise
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Scopex helps you optimize and automate your business processes. The centralized database management helps everyone in the organization to stay in sync with the decisions. We are at peace experiencing full automation and seamless integration at an affordable price

David GeorgeGeneral Manager at BTC Consultants
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Scopex FMS enabled us to convert offices into hybrid workplaces!! Go for it. Worth Investing
Harish DevCEO at YMP Pvt Ltd
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If you are searching for a solution to run efficient facility operations, Go for it!! You won’t regret investing, I guarantee. The unique features and functionalities of this mobile App make it more convenient to manage your facility operations anywhere at any time. I am glad that I have found the right solution
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Facility management software is a tool that enables you to track maintenance costs, track assets, schedule services, manage vendors, and customize alerts for better control of your facility. Scopex is the best Facility Management Software for a mobile App to manage service operations on the go.
  • Maintenance management
  • Scheduled and preventive maintenance tracking
  • Asset and equipment tracking and maintenance
  • Facility Inventory management
  • Work order management
  • Space management
  • Vendor management
  • Reports and analytics
CAFM software is a computer Aided Facility management system. It allows facility managers to plan, execute and monitor multiple activities from maintenance to asset management. CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) maintains the computer database of maintenance operations details of an organization.
The price of the facility management software depends on the features you add to the cart. Scopex offers scalability and flexibility.
It enables you to get immediate access to the latest features with automatic upgrades and no servers, no storage, and no maintenance, as Scopex host your site.

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