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The #1 Mobile & web-based Hospital Management App for Hospitals, Clinics, and Specialists

All-In-One hospital management solution to Optimize your patient experience, enhance your efficiency, and maximize your revenue.

The cloud-based system enables you to automate, evolve and revolutionize your core hospital processes and simplify your day-to-day operations. It safely handles your patient records, Doctor records, Appointments, prescriptions, Lab and scan reports, pharmacy, hospital inventory, and medical billing and gives you the ability to manage financial and administrative tasks using a unified system.

Scopex is a simple-to-use, intuitive, integrated, and automated system to manage the financial and administrative tasks of the hospital using a single system. It enables you to bill digitally, pay your staff, and manage vendor accounts. In addition, these tools allow you to generate financial reports to forecast spending and avoid overrunning the budget. You can also set up a self-service portal for patients and doctors to perform tasks such as Appointment scheduling, medical bill payments, prescribing medicines, and discussing with each other.

Components of SCOPEX HMS Software.

1. Contact management

The module handles and manages all the contact data of patients, doctors, and departments. It ensures the information flow among them through SMS, Email, and messaging.

2. Dashboards

Scopex provides a dynamic dashboard facility.

3. Pharmacy management

Scopex HMS has everything that you need to manage pharmacy operations effortlessly.
• Complete medicine Inventory management
• Purchase management
• Predefined pharmacy bill template
• Customize the pharmacy bills based on your need.
• Medicine sales record.

4. Tele caller management

The module handles different issues, problems, and requests.
Patients can manage appointments with their doctors, lab & scan department through the website or the patient portal anywhere at any time.
• Manage phone call logs, discussions, feedback, and complaints.
• Manage the video consultation and chats
• It complies with secure video consulting and encrypted chat features.

5. Registration

With Scopex HMS Mobile APP, registration is effortless and time-saving.

• Patients can register with necessary data from the patient portal anywhere at any time.
• Patients get visibility to the available doctor in the App.
• Doctors can register with necessary data with authorized OTP through the doctor portal
• Doctors can upload the certificates easily through the doctor portal and register themselves.

6. Patient master

The patient master module handles the complete patient data. It contains the following,

• Patient visits and revisits
• Patient treatment history, prescription, Lab & scan reports, and bill payments
• Patients can book an appointment with their specialists through the portal
• Patients can book an online consultation with specialists through the portal.
• Automated notification system

7. Doctor master

The doctor master module handles the complete doctor data from their appointments,

• Manage scheduled appointments from anywhere at any time.
• Doctors can view their upcoming appointments and available slots.
• They can view and set the available slots, Cancel and comment on appointments.
• Add prescriptions and lab consultation requirements.
• Triggers Alerts and notifications for upcoming events or activities.
• They can view the account history

8. Lab & Scan Results

Generating, Managing, and communicating the reports is easier than ever with Scopex.

• Track and Manage patient Laboratory and scan test reports.
• Generate computerized test reports.
• Send the reports directly to the registered email ID or phone number.
• The patients can also view the reports through the patient portal.
• Doctors can view their patient reports through the doctor portal.

9. Prescription

It is a powerful module to boost efficiency and save time. Doctors can collect patient information and digitally prescribe medicine to patients simply and securely.
• Doctors can consult patients remotely through a video call and chat.
• They can view patient treatment history and much more.
• Patients can make payments online from the patient portal.
• Payment gateway integration to facilitate easy payments

10. Accounting management

It is an integrated module designed to track, manage and monitor bill payments. The platform offers you the perfect routes to collect payments from patients.

• Organize and streamline all financial affairs of both patients and staff.
• Tracks and manages expenses, profits, and losses, paying bills and taxes, in and outpatient billing.

11. Inpatient management

This module handles the operations of the inpatient department. Manage and monitor the inpatient aspects from admission to discharge using Scopex HMS.

• Add new patient admission details with all the necessary data, including phone number, email ID, and vitals.
• Add doctor instructions, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment summary, labs & scan reports.
• Add treatment charges, and manage bills and payments.

12. Discharge management

This integrated module digitalizes all the discharge operations and enables an effortless discharge process.

13. Access Rights Reports (PDF and xls)

It allows access to the reports with authorized login credentials.

• Customizable and friendly medical records
• Automatic business reports and graphs

14. Admin Portal

• Manage Patient and doctor masters
• Track, manage and monitor Appointments
• Prescription management
• Manage Patient feedback
• Manage Patient registration
• Manage Coupons and wallets

15. ERP Market
This feature is available in both web and mobile App
• E-commerce integration.
• Doctors prescribe the medicine based on the patient’s condition via video consulting.
• The patients can directly order the prescription through the integrated portal.
• Multiple payment gateway integrations enable easy bill payment.
• Door delivery of the prescription order.

Benefits of our Hospital management system

• Centralized administrative control
• Automated workflows to optimize the patient experience
• Increase revenue and boost productivity
• Enhances efficiency of the hospital day to day operations
• Optimizes hospital management
• Maintain all health records digitally
• Intelligent Analytics

What makes Scopex HMS one of the best Hospital management software in INDIA?

A simple, easy-to-use, feature-rich web and mobile application is the one-stop solution for all your hospital management requirements. You can select those modules that meet the purpose and can best support & enhance the hospital workflows.

• Secured system
• Take registration to the respective portals effortlessly.
• Easy appointment scheduling system.
• Improve processes and streamline operations.
• Digital medical records
• Self-interaction
• Financial control and tax planning
• Insurance management
• Less time consuming
• Patient self-service
• Better patient experience
• Market strategy
• e-prescriptions
• Tele caller management
• Improve the patient experience

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