Procurement Management

Manage procurement easily. Get standard procurement process with end-to-end solution to your purchase with Scopex.

Master data management for products and product variants

  • Master data of product, product variants with different attributes, services, reordering rules, Lots/serial number can be easily accessed.
  • Kanban view /list view of products with their details such as name, sales price, cost, product type, quantity on hand, forecasted quantity, unit of measure.
  • Filters that categorise the products to be sold, can be purchased, available quantity services, Negative forecasted quantity and beyond.
  • New product can be created based on the business needs in just few clicks.

Automate your procurement based on opportunities or orders in hand

  • Sales, purchase, inventory, accounting modules are integrated in Scopex that allows to automate procurement based on opportunities or orders in hand.
  • Whenever a sale order is received from customer, it will automatically create a draft quotation for the vendor linked to the product for the requested quantity.
  • Draft RFQ can be created for the minimum quantity created by running the scheduler for the reordering rule.
  • Drop shipping of the product directly to the customer from the vendor is allowed with Scopex.

Planning your procurement based on sales orders

Request for quotation by mail to the vendor when the price of product is unknown can be sent and is attached to buyer mail.
When the price of the product is already known sales order can be sent by clicking on confirm order and the PO is directly sent through mail to the seller.

Track your purchase order.

An official offer that is provided by the buyer to the seller to control the purchase of goods and services in a standard commercial document Is a purchase order. purchase order can be tracked that is to be delivered to the warehouse by vendor with Scopex inventory.
When partial orders are delivered, the system allows for backordering the remaining products

Supplier / product wise lead time track for each purchase order

Tracking the availability of the PO made easy from draft-waiting for availability-partially available-available-done.

Goods receipt and supplier bills record

Invoicing the vendor bills created directly from invoicing module for the sales order to all the suppliers. Receipt and Supplier bills are recorded in the chatter

Track on payables towards procurement

  • Registering and validating payment in the vendor bills allows to track the payables towards procurement to business cycle to work.
  • When there is payment due from customer, remainder email or a letter can be sent through Scopex.
  • Automate the reminder of payment within the app.
  • Using follow up levels the actions can be scheduled.