Service Management

Streamline the service warranty process for a better brand experience. Reduce the warranty cost with efficient service operations and increase the visibility of product quality. Achieve customer retention and loyalty by enhancing the overall customer experience using Scopex service management.

Optimize Warranty administration 

  • Automate product registration, service plans, warranty claims, returns. Etc
  • Generate the AMC and CMC’s
  • Automate the service entitlements. The service team can instantly see the service coverage for every product.
  • Manage and track warranty types, warranty entitlements, contracts, and customers.
  • Manage product Parts supply and return.

Track, monitor, and manage the workforce from anywhere at any time

  • Access the app through your smartphone to respond quickly to customer requests.
  • Receive and track customer complaints on warranty products anytime.
  • Reduce warranty costs by improving the service operations. Increase customer retention.
  • Improve the field service operation and reduce the warranty costs.

Manage Warranty claims and returns effectively

  • Reduce the claim processing time and increase supplier recovery time.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with automation of the claim process.

Enhance customer retention and loyalty to grow sales and increase profitability

  • Enhance the customer onboarding experiences.
  • Know your customers and establish direct customer connections.
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty by increasing the overall customer experience using Scopex service management app.
  • Increase warranty plan renewals and discover the product up-sell, cross-sell opportunities with the efficient service operation.

Work queue management 

  • Assign the task to your workforce and know the work queue status in real-time.
  • The field workforce can make better decisions by prioritizing the tasks.
  • Know your product, customer, AMC details, call details, service types, complaints on a single page.
  • Enhance the collaboration with all stakeholders, including quality, manufacturing, engineer, and supplier.
  • Schedule the activities and trigger the alerts for upcoming meetings and events or visits.

Invoice generation for billable aspects

  • Generate invoices for the billable aspects with seamless integration.
  • Prevent the service revenue loss caused by knowing the work that is supposed to get charged.

Get real-time visibility to actionable warranty reports and analysis

  • Enable deeper customer and product insights through actionable reports.
  • Improve the quality of the products through actionable insights with warranty reports and analysis.
  • Provide real-time visibility into warranty failure or success.