Approval Management

Scopex is an effective and advance solution to manage a number of employee requests and executive actions to approvals. Highly customizable with advanced options that anyone can operate. Get easy-to-access tools crafted for hassle-free business management using Scopex.

Boost business productivity and save precious time and energy.

  • Easy to operate. The app guides you through all the options.
  • An interface that connects with everyone instantly. You Don’t require tech-savvy to handle the tools.
  • Manage large or small employee requests and approvals.
  • Create, edit, submit the request in simple clicks and approvals given in just one click.

Comprehensive dashboard

  • Get comprehensive insight into the requests/approvals at a glance.
  • It enables the managers and the employees to create a new request for approval from preinstalled requests. They can create custom request types.
  • Customize the app based on your business policies, terms, and conditions. Executives can predetermine the limitations of requests in approval applications.

Customize and work effortlessly.

  • Create custom requests and approvals.
  • Get a custom filter for the request options based on many criterias and group them by creating a custom group and having favourite options.
  • An app that adjusts to your business ecosystem by working according to your business rules and policies.
  • Configure the multilevel approvals.

Enable efficient approval workflow to optimize your business operations.

  • Management holds the key to the final decision. It is taken care of using the Scopex approval app. Scopex maintains that workflow.
  • Allows the user to request approval from more than one executive or team of managers.
  • Complete data of previous requests and approval helps to make the right decision.

Manage requests and approvals from any part of the world.

  • Confidentiality of the request is maintained.
  • Raise requests and get approvals quickly at any point of time
  • Claim liberty to select the executives related to the requested field for approval.

Seamless integration that works uniquely.

  • Application is available all across Scopex that has approval integration in it. Work seamlessly with purchase, sales, manufacturing, HR, and almost all modules of the Scopex. The app supports every module and works uniquely.

Unique features to run your business smoothly.

  • Get a sophisticated yet user friendly App. It works efficiently for effortless business management.
  • Categorize and manage the approvals for easy verification.
  • The application doesn’t demand your working energy. The app consumes less time and energy to efficient output.