Inventory Management

Manage and track your inventory from anywhere at any time without any hurdles. Automate the complex process using a powerful and flexible Scopex inventory management solution that integrates extensively with other Scopex modules. Seamlessly run the operations and track the order fulfilment, Po’s, sales, incoming stock, and product levels. Manage warehouse, vendors, and purchase flows effectively.

Manage the multiple warehouses effortlessly on your smartphone

  • Keep a check on your inventory from anywhere at any time using Scopex.
  • Stay updated and get a comprehensive overview of the inventory on the go and plan the process at any given time.
  • Create any number of warehouses enabling a multi-warehouse setting.
  • Manage the multiple warehouses of the same company.

Locate items with necessary batches in seconds

  • Locate the products by customers, vendors, scrap, inventory loss, internal, transit, production, etc.
  • Track the product movements by creating a new lot/ serial number during the transaction of any operational type.
  • Know the product movement as per your requirement using filters and groups.
  • Customize the predefined routes of operation based on your business strategy.

Know the accurate status of your inventory in a glance

  • Track the stock-flow of different items.
  • You can advance order the products based on the inventory status and avoid being short of the particular product.
  • Track the transfers, shipping, delivery, payment for your products.
  • Record vendor/customer details and keep the communication transparent.
  • Earn better profit knowing what is selling fast and which item expires soon in a click.
  • Enhance the traceability of the products by creating product variants. (Categorising the products into saleable, rental, purchasable).

Minimize the manual work associated with inventory counting

  • Set up automatic stock backordering.
  • Avoid overstocking / over-ordering/ stockpiling of the products.
  • Send products to scrap at any stage of the production line.
  • Send emails, quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices within a few clicks and save time.
  • Get the notifications for scheduled meetings and trigger the alerts for stock due, payment dues, etc.

Get insightful real-time updates on your inventory

  • Get quick updates and live tracking of your inventory.
  • Know the performance of your business in real-time, take action before an item gets exhausted, and reduce overstocking or stockpiling expenses.
  • Forecast and get ready for the unexpected seasonal sales.
  • Estimate the value of all products stored in the inventory.
  • Correct the issues associated with delivery and improve the delivery with the help of reports to scale your business.

Save time with extensive integration across the other modules

  • Get seamless integration across other modules such as accounting, manufacturing, sales, procurement, contacts, calendar, payment, and shipping to simplify the inventory management process.
  • Send invoices, PO’s, sales orders, in simple clicks.
  • Get a barcode integration.
  • Get integration with warehouse and procurement to plan backordering.
  • Make your business look professional. Create and send estimates to your customers and convert them to invoices in one click.