HR Management

This Software includes everything you would expect for a complete solution. High level data quality assured with one time data entry and freeing up from the routine task and saving your time.

Personnel recruiting and on boarding

All in one solution to recruitment process. Core HR process is made easy by integrating smart filters to find a relevant candidate.This helps to easily access the source it originates from, monitor and follow all the submitted applications and optimise the recruitment budget planning.
Features of the module include
  • Create/publish job position
  • Filter and configure job positions,
  • Link the trackers
  • Recruitment analysis.

Why this module?

  • You will save time
  • You will achieve economic advantages
  • You will gain security in HR
  • All employees will gain more convenience


For some companies’ attendance management is very important as it helps to determine whether the business is in right track. The module facilitates to manage employee leave, time off’s, attendance by providing analytics and key insights for the company to manage the workforce/employee monitoring.
  • Attendance registers with biometric devices.
  • Web login and logout
  • Automated time sheet to track employee work time.
  • Time off and employee vacation management.

Payroll and appraisal

This will change how you do business! By boosting up the effectiveness with organised, efficient and essential module with out expending any extra effort. This module allows managing employees salary integrated with the accounting module. Here we get Override facility for any salary components.

Why choose this?

  • Secure transactions
  • Flexible user defined entry fields
  • Easy modifications

Employee management

Helps employee to do their best work each day in order to achieve the larger goals of the company.
  • Run On boarding and off boarding of operations
  • Storage of employees’ personal details
  • Store employees’ skills and resumes.


This is a faster method compared to any traditional recruitment technique in bringing in the best candidates for the defined roles.
  • Share job openings with friends
  • Sharing jobs in email and social media
  • Gain points for each referral
  • Track the stages of referral recruitment