Accounting Management

Get rid of account-related worries using advanced Scopex accounting software that fulfills the accounting needs of every category and size of business. Flawlessly handle account receivables, account payables, banks, invoices, billing taxes, etc.

Actionable dashboard for your business

  • Get a glance at the accounting aspects of your business from anywhere at any time.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of accounting and financial reports, such as invoice and vendor bills.
  • Accounting is a vital part of managing all business transactions. Know the point of sales, expenses, bank, and cash details of the business at a glance.
  • Create vendor bills manually or upload them from the database at the dashboard.
  • Define new invoices and create new operations and points of sale directly from the dashboard.
  • Create or import the bank statements. Match the invoices and payments and check all unreconciled entries.
  • Get Kanban and list view of accounting information.

Save your efforts while creating an invoice

  • Create or upload the professional invoice and send them to a customer in just a click.
  • Customize the look of your invoices from the multiple templates available.

Manage your vendor bills in real-time.

  • Take care of your vendor bills, refunds, payments in real-time using Scopex.
  • manage and control the vendor billing by recording the vendor bills quickly
  • Scopex fills up the vendor details automatically in a purchase order.
  • Draft the fiscal position and fiscal years.

Understand the profit loss of your business at a glance with the double-entry in Journal entries

  • Categorize and Manage journal entries such as sales, purchase, bank, cash, etc.
  • Store customer and vendor bills with credit and debit entry to understand the profit/loss.
  • Calculate profit-loss by choosing the data from journals.

Manage your customer and vendor payments efficiently

  • Accept payments from multiple sources.
  • Define payment terminologies, localized taxes, and accounting rules.
  • Create new taxes and set any of them as default taxes.
  • Verify unpaid invoices and follow up with customers or vendors.

Effectively manage and prepare the budget using a Chart of accounts and general ledger

  • Categorize the accounting details and define the charts of the account.
  • Set up the chart of accounts and record the account balances.
  • Effectively manage your business finance and accounting by matching the credit and debit of various journal entries.
  • Understand the growth of your business and prepare the budget for the next period.

Establish Seamless Integration and save your time and efforts

  • Set up a new bank account and manage a cash register.
  • Connect your financial accounts in seconds.
  • Sync the bank and record the transaction details in real-time.
  • Establish integration of various banks and payment gateways.
  • Enable Seamless integration of other modules, including sales, purchase, inventory, and more.

Keep a tab on every activity of monetary aspect with insightful reports

  • Generate profit loss statement, balance sheets, and cash flow statement.
  • Get precise reports from legal statements to executive summaries.
  • Create a feedback loop for your workforce to understand the stage of business according to your expectation. Control and understand your business operations.
  • Prepare financial plans and manage the budget of various projects using reports.

Customize to fit the business needs

  • Customize your unique or specific business needs such as payment terms, follow-up levels, charts of accounts, taxes, journals, and many according to your business requirements.

Generate a Profit loss statement and know your business growth

  • Customize and Generate profit loss statements yearly, monthly, quarterly.
  • Compare monthly, yearly or custom period reports knowing the growth of your business.