We’ve crafted Advanced Features to set you up for success

Scopex and its features can be modified at code level to meet the specific demands of a user.

Get to know Scopex features!

Advanced features that help you prioritize deals, track analytics and predict revenue.

Manage Leads and Turn into deals

Automate the lead capture from multiple sources and get the leads fed straight into sales pipelines around the clock. Track your sales and customer engagement.

Enhance Communication

Keep your communication safe and track email, calls, SMS conversations at any given time.
Have complete visibility of your schedule and prioritize your work.

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Insights and Reports

Get detailed analytics on your sales process. Make the right business decisions and help your sales team set realistic targets.

Privacy and Security

Your business data and information are in safe hands. Track the what, when, and how your business data utilization anytime, anywhere.
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Bring Teams Together

Monitor and manage your business on the go on a mobile device and integrate with the sales-boosting apps.

Automation the routine work

Focus on work that matters by harnessing the power of automation on repetitive work across your entire team.

Get the best support

Support and assistance will help you make the most of Scopex ERP solution!