Manufacturing Industries

Empower your small business, streamline sales efforts and convert deals faster with Scopex.
Typically, Manufacturing is only production, and it is not the internet-centered industry, is the primary thought people have. The best application or website can prove to be a boon to your manufacturing business to find customers while saving time, energy, and effort.
Scopex manufacturing management module makes the manufacturing process more efficient. It helps to conserve valuable time by using powerful and agile manufacturing solutions to handle the complexities in the production process. Scopex manufacturing module has powered by automation, integration and proves to be the ultimate production management tool. Scopex has the best operational tools, that will streamline the planning, execution of the production process, running the quality check, and sending it out to the warehouses or customers.


  • Advanced interface.
  • Master production schedule.
  • Automation installed.
  • Configure and Customization based on business needs.
  • Engineering and planning tools.
  • Comprehensive management visibility.
  • Centralized documentation.
  • Seamless integration.

Exclusive manufacturing management module

Use the powerful and agile manufacturing management module to handle the complexities in the production process.
  • Plan manufacturing operations and organize the work.
  • Define work centers and work orders.
  • Draft BOM and assign to products and product categories.
  • Process control panels.
  • Establish a Routing facility for products and raw materials.
  • Create single BOM for multiple product variants.
  • Define master production scheduler.
  • Kanban planning.
  • Production calendar.
  • Create and manage bills of materials.
  • Create Phantom BOM.
  • Assign manufacturing lead time.
  • Generate and manage product variants.
  • Generate production analysis report
  • Run subcontracting in a well-defined way.

Product life Cycle Management

Centralizes technical information and helps to enhance workforce efficiency by keeping the data up to date. Information is accessible round the clock. Scopex optimizes the productive time spent in each stage of the production process.
  • Manage bill of materials.
  • Execute change order.
  • Execute change order types.
  • Execute change order approval.

Effective Maintenance Management

A maintenance module helps to Organize, automate, simplify, and run the maintenance operations and enable manufacturers to ensure the equipment and the device’s availability and reliability.
  • Insightful and customizable dashboard.
  • Schedule Preventive maintenance and trigger alert notifications.
  • Create maintenance requests in calendar view.
  • Generate maintenance-request reports in real-time.
  • Ensure visibility of maintenance logs around the clock.
  • Create dedicated maintenance teams.

Efficient Quality Control

The quality management module has streamlined operations to keep the expectations in check at various checkpoints to maintain the high quality of the manufactured product.
  • Transparent quality overview dashboard.
  • Generate routine quality control teams.
  • Outline quality control points.
  • Assign quality checks.
  • Automate and trigger quality alerts.

Clear-cut Inventory Management

The inventory management module manages and tracks the raw materials and products from anywhere at any time. It also defines locations and multiple warehouses for a work order.
  • Enhance traceability of stock flow at any given time.
  • Effortless Management of multiple warehouses.
  • Establish Barcode integration.
  • Setup automatic stock backordering.
  • Create lot/ serial number on products during the transaction of any operation type.
  • Efficient stock forecasting.
  • Enhance traceability by creating product variants.
  • Define products for scrap operation.
  • Get quick updates and live tracking of your inventory.
  • Define product movement and routes of operation.
  • Automate inventory valuation.

Streamline the Sale Process of Manufactured products

Scopex streamlines the sales process of manufactured products via various modes.
  • Pre-defined multiple quotation templates.
  • Create a dedicated sales team.
  • Email integration to send quotations in one click.
  • Generate sales orders and send them to customers.
  • Integration payment gateways and shipping.
  • Define coupons and promotional events.

Why choose Scopex?

Scopex is a platform that is customizable to your business operations. Streamline your production operations and leap growing your business with the help of the advanced solution. Scopex has unique features to scale your business. It is user-friendly as well as fits your pocket.