Fleet Management Industries

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Fleet management industries have stepped into an era of digitalization by using diverse technologies to manage the commercial vehicles at scale by keeping the cost reasonable, Maximise the profitability, and minimizing the risk.
Scopex ERP software framework includes fleet management module to manage vehicles, contracts, cost, insurance, assignments. It also assists transportation divisions efficiently. Scopex aims to optimize the fleet operation by enhancing quality services and assuring a cost-effective way of managing fleets, safety, compliance, and productivity.
Scopex fleet management reshapes your business in every possible way with a brilliant dashboard that enables the user to gain visibility of vehicle status, location, and onboard diagnostics. It is a mobile app empowered with real-time and previous data records, telematics, and GPS control. It is a Solution that enables the optimization of your business by efficiently tracking, managing, analyzing the fleet operations.
Scopex allows you to keep a close eye on your fleets in a few simple clicks.

The following are the features designed to manage operations efficiently

  • In-depth vehicle description documentation.
  • View and Manage registration of the vehicle.
  • Keep track and manage the mileage.
  • Leasing contracts- specify the start to the expiry date, activation and recovery cost, and the status of the contract.
  • Manage driver and employee details.
  • Configure and manage manufacturer details.
  • Monitor fuel consumption.
  • Get a clear view of all the costs for each vehicle in a brilliant dashboard.
  • Forecast services and keep track of repairs.
  • Trigger notification for vehicle maintenance that needs follow-up.
  • Gain visibility to an intelligent dashboard with live reports and graphs.
  • Generate custom reports on cost analysis, etc.
  • Establish Seamless integration across accounting, HR, Finance, etc.
  • Access and utilize the data from anywhere at any time.


  • Scopex offers real-time tracking of fleets, workforce, assets.
  • Allows you to access a complete record of real-time and up-to-date data. Integrated with other ERP modules.
  • There is no need for GPS devices. Access the app from anywhere at any time using a smartphone.
  • It provides real-time cost analysis with graphic reports in a better way.
  • It supports the monitoring of assets.