Trading Industries

The best complete ERP solutions for trading company as it integrates functional modules like inventory, purchasing, asset management, sales

What is trading?

Trading is the process of buying and selling goods and service-based products in small or bulk amounts between producers and consumers. Trading industry functions are very complex due to fluctuations in demands, unpredictable customer behavior, and frequent changes in the rules and regulations.
The productivity and efficiency of the trading business are in the hands of robust ERP. Scopex ERP is such an advanced ERP solution that can challenge the challenges of the current or future trading industry. The Unique features of Scopex ERP are suitable to run the trading business like a pro.

Features of SCOPEX ERP for Trading Industry

  • Enhanced efficiency of overall operations. Automation of redundant works reduces the manual monitoring task and increases employee efficiency.
  • Centralized data to increase the efficiency of workflows.
  • Increase work transparency where tasks and workflows have comprehensive visibility due to seamlessly integrated ERP.
  • Enhances CRM by enabling the sales manager to prioritize the follow-up of sales activities in the pipeline.
  • The purchase management.
  • Logistics shipping and delivery.
  • Fleet management.
  • Employee management.

Why Scopex?

Scopex is a customized ERP solution designed and configured to eliminate all the operational constraints and challenges of the trading business.