Retail Sales & Wholesale Distribution

The complete solutions for wholesale and retail trade

Wholesale Distribution and Retail Sales

The wholesale distribution and retail industry link the manufacturers to the end customers through various stages of opertaion. Tight integrity between all the complex processes is essential to increase profit and enhance productivity in the business.
Many aspects of the retail and wholesale distribution industry need to be fulfilled to stay competitive in the market., such as,
  • Enhancing overall productivity by reducing manual work through automation of redundant work and prioritizing the necessary work.
  • Improving customer retention and appeal to new customers through better UI.
  • Optimization of order fulfilment process by knowing inventory levels in real-time, managing the order delivery on time, and more.
  • Forecast and demand planning by predictive analysis of the inventory.
  • Seamless integration across the applications.
Scopex ERP solution has everything to offer for the retail and wholesale distribution industry by addressing the functional requirement of the industry.
  • Robust Sales and customer management
  • Efficient procurement
  • Flexible management of accounting and finance.
  • Optimization of logistics management.
  • Advanced inventory control
  • Efficient warehouse management.
  • Master data management
  • Fleet management
  • E-commerce.