Fleet Management

Easy to use, hassle free, safe and secure software to assist in managing, coordinating, and organising work vehicles and assets from central information network.

Seamlessly manage the entire fleet operation while automating particular task.

See the results in improved efficiency and compliance. Manage log entries, costs and many other features necessary for the management of your business vehicles.

Manage lease and supervise all contracts with simple clicks.

Get email notification when the contract reaches the expiration data. Organise the services around the vehicle and manage invoices and notes. You can setup the insurance policy and vehicle policy in an easy and efficient way.

Get cost analysis and reporting in a blink of eye

Get an overview and compare the cost associated with the given vehicle or with the type of service. Reporting tool helps you get a good insight on the efficiency of the vehicle.

Give a tool that your employees love.

Simplify the work of managers to efficiently distribute the assignments among drivers. Advance technology enables two-way communication between the drivers and the managers.

Feature rich software to ease your work

Track functions such as insurance tracking, vehicle acquisition, repair and maintenance, government regulation, vehicle disposal, and driver license management and etc.

Monitor and trace your expenditure and inflow of money at once.

Fuel and repairs cost are automatically added to the reports whereas recurring costs of lease and service contracts are added to the accounting at the beginning of each period of frequency specified in the contract.