Send clear and complete professional quotations to your prospects in a couple of minutes using a wide range of templates.
  • Get polished quotations to customers in just a few clicks, and send via email.
  • Define discounts on order lines of quotations.
  • Define a negative price on the quotations.
  • Set the price list for the same product based on customer, quantity ordered, and time of sale.
  • Add product descriptions and additional information simply by dragging and dropping building blocks.
  • Design custom quotations in a few clicks and reuse them to save time.
  • Get the complete customer and product information integrated into the quotations.
  • Scopex allows you to take a printout of your quotation. 

Sales Order

Manage and close your sales effortlessly and enhance traceability and follow-up.
  • Convert the quotations into sales in one click. Send the order of acknowledgment to customers.
  • Save time with the ability to customize the sales orders.
  • Manage reviews and approval from different teams
  • Track delivery and invoice status accurately.
  • Track each phase of the contract- invoice, renewal, and Upselling.
  • Set the credit limits for customers and sales reps. Get exceptional approval at the time of order approval.
  • Get visibility and notifications of pending orders.

Customer Management

Record unified customer information and communication in one place. Increase sales by connecting with your customer.
  • Seamless integration of modules allows retrieving complete information of customer in lightning speed.
  • Automate the quotation customer information filling up.
  • schedule follow-up activities and set an alert notification.
  • Set credit limits for customers.
  • Empower sales team with updated data of the customer in real-time.

Sales Team

Gain better team visibility, team insight, and better sales decisions by collaborative sales effort.
  • Add and manage different operations of the sales team
  • Assign, manage, and track the task to the sales team and gain a bird view of sales team operations.
  • Get real-time visibility to Sales team analysis.
  • Generate analytic reports of sales team performance. Sort and group the reports based on multiple parameters.
  • Manage review and approval from different teams easily in a single platform.
  • Connect the sales team irrespective of geographical barrier. View the complete sales team information with an interactive sales team dashboard.
  • Optimize the sales process to get future-ready with real-time reports.

Master Product

Increase sales by managing the master products effectively.
  • Add new product and configure under order line.
  • Define price list for the products and product variants.
  • Define discounts based on customer, quantity ordered, and time of sale.
  • Set automatic backordering of the product to guarantee the product availability for sales. Define minimum order for each product.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the products and product variants through an interactive dashboard.
  • Define localized taxes.

Inventory Management

seamlessly run the operations to close the sales effortlessly.
  • Seamless integration that provides inventory reports to the sales team.
  • Sales team can directly check the product availability and plan the sales accordingly.