Product Transfer

Customize the routes of operation and track the product transfer.Establish the route of product transfer efficiently
  • Get visibility to real-time product information to necessitate the upcoming action.
  • Enhance the traceability of the product transfer by defining the locations
  • Get advanced features such as double-entry bookkeeping for product moves.
  • It comes fully integrated with shipping and multiple payment gateway integrations.
  • Configure the incoming shipping and outgoing shipping. Set shipping rules for cross-docking and drop shipping.
  • Create put-away strategies.
  • Automate and Trigger the push/pull rule to move the product to the source location based on set parameters.

Batch Pickings

Locate items with the necessary batch, get the job done faster with batch pickings.
  • It comes fully integrated with other modules such as sales, accounting, warehouse, purchase, manufacturing, shipping connectors.
  • Efficiently manage all transfers by automating the batch pickings following a group of set guidelines.
  • Generate multiple products order in a single click.
  • Define batch picking for multiple delivery orders on the same route routes.
  • Define the operation type and schedule the date of operation.

Inventory Adjustment

Configure minimum stock and automate stock backordering to avoid overstocking / stock scarcity.
  • Keep the inventory level to a minimum by establishing procurement rules.
  • Get quick updates and live tracking of your inventory.
  • Know the performance of your business in real-time, take action before an item gets exhausted, and reduce overstocking or stockpiling expenses.
  • Forecast and get ready for unexpected seasonal sales.
  • Autogenerate the work orders and purchase orders.

Scrap Products

Define the expiry date on the products and scrap during any stage of the operation.
  • Define expiration date on serial numbers such as best before date, end of life date, removal date, and scarp the products accordingly.
  • Create one or more scrap locations for scrap products such as scrap from the internal transfer, scrap from receipts, and scrap from delivery order.
  • Scopex Allows you to create a new scarp location.

Reordering Rules

Set reordering rules and avoid stockpiling.
  • Replenish the inventory automatically.
  • Set the reordering rule and run the scheduler for automatic action.
  • Maintain backup of a minimum quantity of stock for each specified item.
  • Define minimum quantity and maximum quantity rules to keep minimal stocks at inventory.

Product Variants

Enhance the traceability of the products by creating product variants.
  • Control and manage products based on variants.
  • Easily customize the products.
  • Bar code integration with the particular codes of the products.
  • Inventory valuation to manage the business cost and forecast the inventory effortlessly.

Lots / Serial Numbers

Track the product movements by creating a new lot/ serial number during the transaction of any operation type.
  • Configure and define lots and serial number
  • Enhance the traceability of the products. Track products in both inhouse and outhouse operations.
  • Categorize the inventory and get the stock level of your products at any given date.
  • Efficiently manage several locations per the warehouse.
  • Manage advance routing of products.
  • Define expiration date on serial numbers as best before date, end of life date, removal date, and alert data.

Warehouse Management

Manage multiple warehouses of the same company at various locations effectively on your smartphone.
  • Keep a check on your inventory from anywhere at any time using Scopex. Stay updated and get a comprehensive overview of the inventory on the go and plan the process at any given time.
  • Create any number of warehouses enabling a multi-warehouse setting.
  • Manage the multiple warehouses of the same company at various locations.
  • Define locations within your warehouse such as physical, partner, and virtual.
  • Wise double-entry inventory system.