Manufacturing Management

Make manufacturing process more efficient and save your valuable time using powerful and agile manufacturing solution to handle the complexities in the production process, create and manage BoM, manage manufacturing orders, and track work orders and, etc.

Crush the complexities associated with production process.

Track, manage and monitor the manufacturing orders, unbuild orders, scrap, work order and repair orders.
Plan manufacturing, and organise the work.
Create and Manage bill of materials. Create Phantom BoM.

Effectively manage the whole production process.

Organise the work using the Kanban view.
Effectively manage the whole process by defining multiple levels and monitoring them separately.
Scheduling and planning tools that enables you to have control over inventory level.

Get the production analysis report in real time

Get the detailed report of the average total cost/unit and average component cost/ unit and quantity produced. Get a customised production analysis report by product or end date.

Get hold of unique features

Get rich features such as Routing facility, single BOM for multiple product variants, master production scheduler, Kanban planning, production calendar, repair and so on.

Effortlessly generate quotations in real time

Instant quoting with seamless integration with other modules such as sales, purchase, inventory, and accounting to save your valuable time.