Project Management

It is an end-to-end agile project management solution that your team will love to work with. Connect people, projects, and productivity from anywhere, anytime. Collaborate in real-time, automate the workflow, plan and manage any projects efficiently using Scopex.

Get clarity with the workflow

  • Plan and execute the projects of any size.
  • Create, assign, organize, the task with ease.
  • Manage the teamwork by tracking the task effortlessly. 
  • Set project timeline, subtasks, and manage the team workload all in one place. 

Plan a better Budget management

  • Earn more while you work together. Predict revenue and your employee performance.
  • Stay on top of your projects and know exactly where your projects are.
  • Compare the projects and know what’s exactly occurring in your business.
  • Record expenses against projects and tasks.
  • Keep the expenditure under control by knowing approved and rejected expenditures by the project manager.

Keep everyone on the same page.

  • Simplify your process and encourage employee collaboration with streamlined and centralized communication.
  • Scopex automates project handoff and lets you know the project completion duration with predictive roadmaps.
  • Know who is doing what in real-time for accountability and resource allocation

Integrate top work tools and work efficiently

  • Integrate with task management tools, team collaboration tools, timesheets, and other apps that enable the management of the projects and products from end to end. 
  • Track the hours spent on the project/s using the smart timer.
  • Turn quotes, sales orders, PO’s into invoices in one click.
  • Automate of signing process of the contracts.

Features to keep your team at peak of success.

  • Empower your team with a powerful tool. Enable the team to quickly set up and customize workflows from meetings, projects to task settings.
  • Easily assign recurring tasks on a defined time frame. 
  • Track the time-lapse using Time in and out while working on a specific task that is auto-recorded in the user’s timesheet.

A functional graph view for every task of different projects

  • Track and maintain your projects from any level by analyzing the data using a search tool, filter and grouping function, and unique visual interfaces.
  • Get an accurate report of projects and tasks on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis and track projects and tasks progress, deadlines, dependencies, etc.
  • Move your project without going over budget.
  • Generate customizable reports based on numerous groups by criterias and filters.